A collection of traditional Greek infusions
in capsules that are compatible with N espresso* coffee machines

A Few Words

Our vision is to spread worldwide this healthy Greek habit, which is an important part of the Mediterranean diet.

The beneficial properties of herbs can be found in the essential oils of the plant and have been known since antiquity. Herbs were used as herbal teas or in other forms.

The plants were, along with other organic and inorganic substances, the basis of therapies, which acted with an objective effect on the disease, without excluding the placebo effect of the therapist’s personality.

Many of these drinks, over the centuries, are still used today for their beneficial and relaxing properties.

Modern pharmacology recognizes the properties of herbs and uses their essential oils for the preparation of several formulations. The Greek tradition has preserved to date the use of herbal beverages for the treatment of mild conditions and dysfunctions of the body.

Modern lifestyle is particularly demanding and we often don’t have time to prepare a drink that is beneficial to our body, especially when this drink is a time-consuming procedure and requires a special way of preparation.

After years of effort, we managed to create capsules that can give the taste, flavour and beneficial properties of these herbs. Eolis herbal teas can be produced easily and quickly with the push of a single button.

You can use the Eolis capsules in N espresso* coffee machines and within a few seconds, you have prepared 180ml of a healthy drink.

Eolis capsules contain 100% natural ingredients and are free of impurities, additives or chemical treatment.

* The N espresso trademark is owned by third parties and is not affiliated with EOLIS

Herbal tea consumption has been a Greek habit of centuries
offering relaxation and wellbeing.

Now you can prepare them with the click of a button.

A taste of Greece!

Our Products

Herbal beverages are very delicious and aromatic while they can be enjoyed hot or cold, with sugar, honey or even plain.

They do not contain caffeine and sugar.

Mountain Tea

Mountain tea is not alike to any other tea (green, white & black). It is a herb with many properties, which have been known since antiquity…


The “apple of the Earth” has been widely used since antiquity, as Hippocrates considered it a miraculous herb. It contains essential oils…


Sage was also known in antiquity. Hippocrates and Galen exalted it in particular as a tonic of mind and body. The sage tea is used to shield the body…


The properties of its ingredients (mountain tea, chamomile and dictamus) have been known since antiquity. It has an excellent aroma and flavour…

100% natural product without the use of dyes or other substances.

Each box contains 12 capsules (compatible with N espresso* coffee machines).

Our Tips

1) Before using an Eolis capsule, clean the coffee machine with clean water. Just press the button without putting a capsule in the coffee machine.

2) The maximum quantity of liquid that a capsule will produce should be 200ml.

3) After adding your preferred sweetener, you can add ice and enjoy your beverage cold.


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